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Starting in the 2018-2019 academic year, our school began following a Charlotte Mason style-curriculum. The school is working in conjunction with The Charlotte Mason Institute and will follow their Alveary curriculum. Charlotte Mason allows for a broad education over many subjects, including the Arts.
  • Mastery of basic skills to insure foundations for higher math, i.e. Singapore, Saxon Math.

  • Art and Music Appreciation is interwoven throughout the curriculum. To learn more about the Charlotte Mason style of art study, please visit this site.

  • Handicrafts such as calligraphy, cross-stitch, and Sloyd are just a few of the handicrafts taught to students.

Christian Education
  • Practical application of the Word of God, prayer, Bible reading, verse memorization, Christian songs and hymns.

Dictation and Narration   

  • Dictation is the Charlotte Mason program for spelling (learn more here).  Narration is the retelling by students, in their own words, of the subjects learned so the teachers may properly evaluate what information the students have retained.

  • The history curriculum is taught on a rotation and focuses on all aspects from ancient times to current events. All students, starting in Form 2+ (5th Grade) will keep a Book of Centuries.


  • All students, beginning in Kindergarten, have Spanish three days a week.

  • Latin studies.

Nature Walks   

  • Nature walks are an integral part of this style of education.  All students will be taught to keep a nature journal.

Physical Exercise   

  • Offered twice daily for all ages to exhilarate muscles, build skills, coordination, and endurance, decreasing the felt need for society’s popular artificial inhibitors.

Reading & Literature
  • Phonics instruction.

  • Grammar, Literature, Poetry.  Authors such as Plutarch and Shakespeare.

  • Excellence in written and spoken skills.

  • Students learn biology, chemistry, physics and earth science, as they reflect God’s hand in creation.  Nature studies are also a large part of our curriculum.


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