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Our Application Process

Step 1:  Get to Know Us

Schedule a visit to get to know our school--meet our teachers and students. 

Step 2:  Fill Out Our Application Forms 

Fill out our school application.  There is an application fee of $100 per new student; this fee also holds a student's place if they are accepted by the school.  This is a non-refundable fee unless the student is not accepted to the school.

Step 3: Fast Application (Financial Aid for School Tuition)


Bent Mountain Christian Academy has chosen to use FAST – Financial Aid for School Tuition – by Independent School Management (ISM) to process your financial aid application. ISM will provide standardized and impartial processing in a confidential setting. If you would like to know more about how ISM protects your privacy please click here

Before you begin 

We hope that you will find this application easy to complete online. There are a number of financial records you will need. Please click here for a downloadable pdf. Once you have gathered your financial information, it takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete the application online. Gathering your financial information is similar to collecting information to file your taxes and takes about the same length of time. You do not have to complete the entire application at one time. Your user name and password will allow you to access your data until you have completed the payment section.

Please begin your FAST application:

Step 4:  Interview

All applicants will  be required to have an interview with school administrators.  This is the time for both parties to ask questions and confirm that this school is the right fit for everyone.  During this interview, the administrators will assess that the student and the student's family is willing to support adhere to the school's mission statement, academic standards, and Biblical principles in a positive and cooperative manner.

Step 5:  Acceptance

After consideration, the school will extend an invitation to attend.  The student is not officially enrolled at Bent Mountain Christian Academy until this acceptance letter is given to the student and the student's family.

Non-discrimination statement:  

Bent Mountain Christian Academy does not discriminate against any student or teacher based on race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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