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Reading & Literature

  • Phonics instruction:  Explode the Code and Megawords.
  • Literature, i.e. Christian Liberty Press, Bob Jones Univ. Press.
  • Grammar, Handwriting, & Spelling, Rod and Staff, CLP and ACSI
  • Excellence in written and spoken skills.
  • Mastery of basic skills to insure foundations for higher math, i.e. Singapore
    and Saxon Math.

Geography, History, US Government

  • Focusing on Virginia’s and America’s founding to the present, privileges and responsibilities toward God and fellow man, and self-government.  Bob Jones, etc.


  • Of biology, chemistry, physics and earth science basis, as they reflect God’s hand in creation, i.e. BJU Press, Apologia.

Christian Education

  • Practical application of the Word of God, prayer, Bible reading, verse memorization, Christian songs and hymns.

Physical Exercise   

  • Offered twice daily for all ages to exhilarate muscles, build skills, coordination, and endurance, decreasing the felt need for society’s popular artificial inhibitors.


  • The following are possible electives for the 2014-2015 academic year: architectural drawing, art, carpentry, choir, cooking, driver’s education, etiquette, gardening, instrumental music, easy mechanics, needle crafts, sewing, sign language, tutoring, typing/keyboarding, and woodworking.

Frequent Field Trips

  • Taking classroom studies into the community, region, and the Commonwealth of Virginia, to enhance perception and appreciation for God’s world.
Meet our teachers:

 Darrell Branstetter - Art Nicole Huff- Photography Caroline Marrara - Physical Education Sue Munson - American History Sherry Penney - Grades 8-12 Reatha Sanburn - Grades K-2
Will Sawyer- Bible, Space and Earth Science Karen Scott - Grades 7-10
Barbara Scyphers - Grades 3-6